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Speaking at WordCamp Europe 2013

Ever since going to WordCamp Lisboa last year I’ve been completely enamoured by what WordCamps represent – about all the free-flowing knowledge, the sharing of experiences and information, and the richness in mingling and networking that comes from meeting people whose interests are the same, yet different. That’s actually pretty much what I’d use to describe the flexibility that is WordPress – the same, yet different, just as we, human beings, are. It’s this living, breathing entity that can do as little or as much as we need it to, and always retain its uniqueness in the process, which is how we get to have 18.9% of the Web powered by it and not have everything look and feel the same (which would, plainly put, be quite boring).

But I digress.

Back on the topic of WordCamps, the location and date of WordCamp Europe 2013 was announced in March and had me itching to go from the start (and yes, for those of you who know my youngest’s birthday is on October 6th, cartoon porn that makes me a somewhat terrible mom, I feel appropriately guilty and will indulge in mental self-flagellation for an adequate amount of time closer to the date itself).

Fast forward a few months and I got the email that my application to speak had been accepted. The speaker list was published yesterday and, well, I could accurately describe how giddy that made me feel, or the excited sounds that came out of my mouth, but the vision that would arise from said description would be quite unflattering, if not a little humiliating to me, so I will just say picture the offspring of a minion and a guppy on speed and you’ll be somewhat close. Yes, that was me attempting to describe it in the least possible humiliating manner. And, yes, I’m aware of how that makes me look. I’ll get my coat now – or not, since it’s the middle of August.

My talk is titled “Between Glorified Computer Interface and Ultimate Narcissist: delivering what the client needs” and, in a nutshell, is about the design process when doing client work, and about the common traps that lay on either side of that path.

WordCamp Europe 2013 will be three days dedicated to WordPress, there are still tickets available and, if you’re a designer, developer or WordPress enthusiast, you’ll be hard pressed to find a reason to skip it. See you in Leiden?


  1. Hah – I’m speaking as well, have the same emotions, and my youngest’s birthday is on the 6th, so making me feel somewhat guilty for not being there to celebrate the day itself!

    See you there!
    David Coveney recently posted…Liverpool Central LibraryMy Profile

    • Talk about coincidence – want to know one more? My youngest’s name is David! David is turning 7 – how old will yours be on the 6th?

  2. So excited for you! Wish I could be there! Take pictures… and videos.


  1. […] the final speakers’ list and among the 36 speakers there’s a portuguese woman, Mónica Guerra Leiria, stepping up with a presentation about “Between Glorified Computer Interface and Ultimate […]

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