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Nameless – Free Genesis Child Theme

This download is now disabled, because there’s a brand new version of Nameless, now with html5, right here.

I’m a tad nervous writing this post, so bear with me. 😉 Today (November 26th) is my 33rd birthday, and I want to celebrate it by offering something back to a community that, even unknowingly, has given me quite a lot. I’ve been a WordPress fan for years now, and it’s such a pleasure to work with it that you’d have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers before I switched to something else. Since I started using the Genesis Framework I’ve found helpful tutorials, free child themes, snippets of code and a very good vibe all around. Because of all that, I decided a while back that I wanted to try my hand at making a free child theme, and I slowly started coding it, based on Genesis’ free Sample theme.

I messed up a few times, and I learned a lot from each of the times I messed up, which was the other point of this exercise. The theme’s design changed so many times (because I started by coding home page widgets even before I went to photoshop, despite knowing that I should have done it the other way around) that I’m sure I’ll have child theme ideas to last me a while (time to make them a reality is another thing entirely), and I tossed out a ton of ideas that just weren’t working. Each taught me something, either about what I should or about what I shouldn’t be doing and, like all the steps I’ve taken in my life, each contributed greatly to the end result. Said end result is actually something I’m very proud to offer you guys, but don’t let that stop you from offering constructive criticism if you’re so inclined. I’m very thick-skinned, and I don’t think we can evolve much if we don’t take each piece of concrit (and even most not-so-con crit) as an opportunity to grow.

This has been a couple of months in the making – working on this project on my free time when the definition of free time has somehow been erased from my dictionary, coupled with me lacking the knowledge to fully complete it without the need for research (again feeding off of those invaluable tutorials and code snippets) made sure of that – and I wanted it ready for my birthday. As usual, I work best when under pressure, and it was only at the last minute that I was fully satisfied with the end result. Then I had to think the name over so many times that I ended up going with a name that I love and that I have used before on unrelated things: Nameless.



Nameless is a mobile responsive Genesis Child Theme with a widgeted home page, 7 colour styles, 6 layout otptions, fixed with, custom header and threaded comments. I’d love it if you left me a comment when you download it (it is, after all, my birthday!) and I’d love it even more if you dropped me a line to show me if you end up using Nameless anywhere. If you happen to download it and then spot something I’ve done that I really should be doing in a different way, please, please don’t be shy about telling me so – have I mentioned I love criticism?
You’ll need the Genesis Framework to run the theme.

This is it for now – off to sleep (at 6am) so I can be up for my birthday lunch in a few hours!


  1. For sure is functional and very practical. Can be used for creating ever more custom layout. Cool Freebie!
    BasicWP recently posted…How to add new widget section on homepage in GenesisMy Profile

  2. Happy Birthday! Congrats on sharing a great child theme with others in the community.
    Jeremy recently posted…testMy Profile

  3. I am using Cyclone Slider2 for the slideshow because I need to use images that aren’t connected to a page or post. The shortcode won’t work in a text widget added to the responsive slider widget section. I have tried adding add_filter(‘widget_text’,’do_shortcode’); to functions.php , but it didn’t work.

    I also don’t know how to add the pages in the Home left, center and right like the demo.

    Sorry to ask so many questions. I am learning as I go. Thank you for the great theme!

    • The shortcode does work when you add that code to functions.php (I’ve just downloaded Cyclone Slider 2 to test it, and it worked), where in functions.php are you adding it?

      if you add

      /** Enable shortcodes in widgets */
      add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

      between } and /** Register Additional Sidebar Areas */ it will work like a charm. :)

      The pages are added by using the Genesis – Featured Page widget, simply checkmark Show Featured Image and give it whatever title the page has (or a different title, if you prefer).

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the theme! :)

      • Dear Monica
        I have started just today with your lovely theme and I am trying to learn from the previous comments I see here. I have this same problem and I have pasted the code you say where you say, but my slideshow does not appear if I paste the shortcode in the Responsive Slider Widget. What else can I try?
        Many thanks,
        Cristina Castro recently posted…De Arena, Mar y …Kindle (1ª Parte)My Profile

  4. This looks great- thanks so much for sharing! 😉
    Looking forward to giving it a go.
    ps- your pinit button didn’t work when I tried to pin the post? I’m in Chrome.
    Kim Doyal – The WordPress Chick recently posted…Podcast Graphic- help me choose!My Profile

  5. I love this theme!!! I just started on wordpress and I’m not sure how to center the header image? Can you help?

  6. Hi Monica, I love this theme!. I’m also trying to use the image slider with the shortcode. I followed your instructions above but it still didn’t work.. Any ideas why?
    Sasha recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  7. Thank you!

    Thank you Monica. This is a beautiful theme, love the fonts.


  8. Hey Monica
    great theme! Can you help me figure out where / how to center the menu so it isnt aligned left?

  9. Monica – I really love your theme!! I’d like to add a background texture but the background function is missing from the dashboard. Do you know how to add it back in? I’m kind of a newbie. Thanks!

    • Hey Sara,
      To add the custom background function you need to edit functions.php and add the following:

      /** Add support for custom background */
      add_theme_support( 'custom-background' );

      A good spot to paste the code would be between
      /** Register Additional Sidebar Areas */

  10. Hi Monica

    I really like your Nameless Theme, but I have an issue getting the search box to appear right in chrome? if I enable the search box in Genesis it does not show right in Chrome – the search button is placed wrong. Any clues what to do?
    Thx for sharing your great theme!


  11. the page navigation doesn’t seem to be working correct or showing the text,, any ideas?

    • Hi Amanda,

      I see you ended up going with another theme – if you still have an issue and would like to use Nameless, please let me know!

  12. Hi Monica, I LOVE this design, it’s so gorgeous but I fear my lack of advanced knowledge on WordPress is stopping me from being able to use all the features of this! EEeek! I have just figured out (after playing around for an hour) that there was a plugin for the slider (der!) but I am wondering if there are any other recommended plugins for this – ie: do I need a plug in to change the colours?

    Sorry, I am feeling like a total newbie, but I really want to use it but I just have a few blanks.
    Thanks so much!

    • The colours can be changed under the Genesis logo on the left hand side of your dashboard, it’s a drop-down menu. There aren’t any specific plugins that I had in mind when I created it (other than the responsive slider), what functionality are you after?

  13. Jeremy Boetger says:

    How do I get the slider to work on the front page?

    • You need to install either the Genesis Responsive Slider plugin or another slider plugin, such as Cyclone Slider 2, and then drag the corresponding widget to the Slider Area in your Widgets section in the dashboard.

  14. Thanks Monica,
    that’s really a great theme.
    But how can i add colums in pages/posts? Is there a shortcode?
    Sorry for the question, but i’m a WP-Newbie 😉

  15. I know I must be missing something. Where are my color options? It has been a while since I was on Genesis but I love this theme and would like to use it but can’t find my options for the different colors.

  16. I remembered! LOL How stupid can a person be :) Love your work

    • Thanks Dana! 😀 Not stupid at all – the amount of times I’ve overlooked something simple must be in the triple digits by now!

  17. Michaelle says:

    can you tell me what slider you’re us cartoon porn ing in the demo page?

  18. Thanks for this theme Monica! I just installed on my website,after suffering untold agonies from freelance designers. I’m loving this! I’ll take time to customize, and then let you know how it turns out. *hugs n kisses :)
    P.S: Do you by any chance have a help file? and how can I reduce the font size a little to make it look like yours?
    Temmy recently posted…How Great Leaders Inspire ActionMy Profile

  19. This is a GORGEOUS theme – arguable one of the best I’ve seen (and I’ve been using Genesis for a while). But I’m still a newbie in many respects to using genesis.

    Monica, how do we activate the various color options and the slider? (I’ve downloaded the Genesis Responsive slider)…
    Spicy recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  20. Is there any chance you’ll be updating again? I’d love to have a native landing page template built in to this theme. I tried to add one, but it doesn’t wipe everything out and I don’t know php well enough to figure out why. A landing page (aka “squeeze page”) needs to be just a full-width message area with no menus, no widgets, no sidebars, no footer, no header – no built-in way for the viewer to navigate away from your page.

  21. Hi Monica! I love your theme and I decided to install it to create I new website for a wonderful Villa in Tuscany, Italy.
    Your theme is great and works very well. The only problem I have is the post’s date in the blog page. I can’t understand why I can’t see it and I only see letters “j” and “M”.
    Here is my functions.php:
    function child_post_date_shortcode( $output, $atts ) {

    return sprintf(
    ‘%1$s%2$s %3$s’,
    get_the_time( ‘j’ ),
    get_the_time( ‘M’ ),
    get_the_time( ‘Y-M-d\TH:i:sO’ )

    Please, have a look at my blog page:

    Thank you so much for sharing your great work!

    • HI Monica – I love this theme, it is very straight forward and easy to put together. I have made some modifications and now I am afraid I have goofed. I am hoping you can help. I used your instructions above and added two widgets to the home page. There I am using the genesis featured post to pull in the blog. But it caused problems with the responsive capabilities. In the functions I named the new widgets bottom 1 and bottom 2. I think I just need to add them to the responsive section of the css but I am unsure. In addition I was attempting to add some padding to the left, center, right widgets and they no longer stack correctly. When I remove the padding from the custom.css then the bottom widgets don’t align. I love the way the website has turned out, I just need a coding lesson. (I hope) Thank you

  22. Monika congrats and thanks for such a nice theme..i was looking for a free and awesome theme for my next blog and my search ended up to nameless…cheers

  23. When I download child themes it reports in that download failed because of broken them please install parent theme…but Genesis Framework is installed? What do I do?

  24. great theme ! wow, do you allow users for editting this theme? just asking

  25. Hey Monica! I’m new to Genesis (working on getting my second site up), but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the three column boxes to display below the HELLO like you have here on your demo. Are there instructions somewhere that I am unfamiliar with?
    Deborrah recently posted…What Foods Are Not in a Vegan Diet?My Profile

  26. ciao monica, good job with your theme!
    i’m at present testing it but i can’t have the thumbnails in home areas (right, centre, left) just the same size of your demo, but only 150×150 as indicated in widgets. can you help me?
    thanks a lot and “brava”!

  27. Hi Monica,

    How and where do I center my logo? I’m sure it’s something easy, but I am struggling to find it in the code. Thank you for theme.

  28. Sarkari Naukri says:

    I want to download this this but can i download where from it?

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