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15th Wedding Anniversary, aka A Big Surprise

Last Friday, October 26th was my 15th wedding anniversary. We had managed to find willing victims babysitters, and so the plan was going out to dinner and then going to Templários to see Tiago playing with Pim Pam Pum. Dinner was great – I can’t remember the last time we got to go out and eat just the two of us, without being in a rush to get to anywhere, without having to pick the kids up in exactly X hours, just enjoying ourselves and talking without interruptions. After dinner we went straight to Templários and ended up arriving far too early (a definite first, I’m used to being like the white rabbit and always late for a very important date) and going for a walk instead.

I love how, going to see Tiago live with whatever band it happens to be, I always run into so many familiar faces. The gig itself was awesome, but then I had expected nothing less. After the break I knew Vasco was going to play Sugar Mice with the band (on drums) and (although I absolutely love the song) I’d commented on how it was anything but wedding anniversary material, given the lyrics. It was good natured teasing, though, anyone who knows me knows how much I love Marillion, and I knew I’d love hearing it. We got another willing victim to film the song, they played it, it was beautiful – but then it was over and he was *still* sitting behind the drum kit. At first I thought they’d decided to play Lavender as well but, to my utter delighted surprise, they played Always, by Bon Jovi – for me. There are no words to describe what I felt – what I still feel – when I think about it. It was the whole thing, the planning, the so very unexpected surprise, the fact that the band had never played it and yet they still agreed to go along with it even with zero rehearsals and only a couple of days’ notice… it was brilliant. Brilliant, beautiful and – again! – so very unexpected I just had to share.

I have the world’s best husband and the world’s best friend. And so I’ll leave you with the video:



  1. Rui Costa says:

    Fantastic. I loved the vídeo and the idea.
    PS. Why the hell am I speaking english ?

  2. You’re awesome, i love your work, passion and this cute couple. :) Keep Smiling Always.

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