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Weekend 2/2: WordCamp Lisboa 2012

Saturday was WordCamp Lisboa day, and I was beyond excited because this was my very first WordCamp. At the last minute I’d managed to talk Vasco into tagging along (and by “talk him into” what I really mean is “found a friend willing to babysit so he could come too”), and I had high hopes that his attending it would spark in him a certain interest in WordPress that just wasn’t there before. Why? Well, not only because WordPress is brilliant (which it totally is) but because I’d love it if I could talk to him more about it and have him understand what it is I’m referring to – we have that with music, with games, with books and with certain other geek-related stuff, I want it with WordPress as well! As for me, this WordCamp was a chance to hear a bunch of interesting talks, and to meet new people who know a lot more about WordPress than I do.

As soon as we got there we realised once again how positively tiny the world is when we ran into Tiago Noronha, who is a fellow David Fonseca fan and – what do you know? – works for WooThemes. What did I just say? Tiny world! Then we were exposed to all sorts of interesting talks, as well as a discussion panel that started by focusing on social networks and their power and ended up as social criticism. The WordCamp was all I had hoped for and more – I only curse the fact that I hadn’t slept since the previous day, which made me close my eyes at irregular intervals during two talks, one of which I’d actually been looking forward to, and which made me far more sluggish and grumpy than I would have liked. My absolute favourite talk was Hugo Fernandes‘ WordPress & Creativity, which was a brilliant presentation that took the time to reflect on our self-imposed (and societal-imposed) limits when it comes to anything creative – I was completely enthralled. A close second was the closing talk by Zé Fontainhas, focused on explaining to our clients just why WordPress is the best possible solution. Not only was it clear and concise but it also had the perfect balance of facts with biting humour and, even though it was the last talk of the day and I was knackered, I didn’t close my eyes once.

When we finally came home (we had to pick David up and give him dinner) I was convinced I was going to send Vasco to the after party without me, but he looked so sad at the prospect of me not going (I did want him to get excited about WordPress – mission accomplished!) that I didn’t have the heart to deny him. I thought I’d have a way out because we didn’t have anyone to babysit David, but David himself was all excited about going (and then fell asleep the moment we got there, naturally) so I put on my bravest face and I went with them to said after party. Obviously being there was great, and I had some very interesting chats (mostly about everything-but-WordPress, from Sci-Fi books to parenthood) before heading back home. I had bought a ticket for both days, and I was curious about the hack day and wanted to learn how and with what I could give back to WordPress and its community, but I managed to sleep through two separate alarm clocks (that’ll teach me to stay up for over 39 hours!) and only waking up at lunch time, so I opted to stay home.

All in all I had a great time, and despite the lack of sleep I’d gladly do it all over again next week if I could.


  1. Fantastic write-up and many thanks for the very kind words about my talk. I also thought Hugo’s was better 😉

    Caught up as we can get in the organization of an event we always want to be worthwhile for new attendees, it is always refreshing to see it produced the exact desired effect.

    Thank you and congratulations on your site’s design, too. Absolute eye-candy.

  2. +1 for the good write-up. As part of the team behind WordCamp Lisboa I must say it is always good to see people writing about it. From the feedback I got so far I think where we could do better is with the talks. I don’t think we met but glad you had a good time.
    Nuno Morgadinho recently posted…WP Conference ThemeMy Profile

  3. Portanto, “pilas” e “bardamerda”. É sempre uma boa maneira de marketizar o WordCamp! 😀

    And Mónica, thank you so much for your words! That’s what keeps me going, to meet people that I can inspire and that can inspire me. And you just did that :)

  4. Wow, very cool site. Very kind words about WordCamp Lisboa 2012, thanks.

    I’m glad we managed to keep you awake for so many hours… :) And I’m feeling a little responsible for Vasco’s enthusiasm with WordPress, with him being so active in the “social-political” debate and all…

    Hope to see you there next year, but have a good previous-night-sleep, please 😉

    • Thank you for the compliment on my site. :)

      WordCamp Lisboa 2012 was fantastic despite the lack of sleep, so coming back next year is a given, preferably well-rested – the “well rested bit” being conditional on my favourite bands and solo artists not scheduling concerts in the surrounding area the night before. 😛

      Vasco was quite passionate during the debate, wasn’t he? I was somewhat stunned myself.
      Mónica recently posted…Weekend 2/2: WordCamp Lisboa 2012My Profile


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