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Welcome to my new home!

For some reason known only to… no one, probably, considering I was the only person who might have a clue as to what my own motives are, although I’m writing this post, I’m going to turn it into a page as well. A sort of an About page, if you will. It reads more like a post – it feels more like a post – but it also sums up what this new site is all about. So, who said it couldn’t be both? This has the potential to incite discussion – if only in the sense that it’ll prompt people to ask me to shut up! – whereas the page will stay there long after this post has been buried by so many new ones.

Back in July I decided to bring my semi-defunct blog back (oh, who am I kidding? What I did amounts to casting a Raise Dead on the thing!) with a post called I Design (or “the more things change…”). It was a reflection on who I was (and am), who I used to be and who I planned on being, regarding design. And writing it was enlightening for myself – I love how, when I put thoughts to paper, things that used to be blurry are suddenly crisp and clear, stark black on white, and I understand myself so much better. This isn’t to say that all my myriad shades of grey vanish; quite the opposite, they too become crisp, and the greys that stay are the greys that were always meant to be me, rather than an unfortunate byproduct of my blacks and whites becoming tangled up.

But I digress. I’m prone to wax lyrical on subjects I’m passionate about, sometimes. Where was I? Ah, yes. Design. So, as I was saying, I wrote the post, and it was enlightening. I felt like creating an image for that post that would represent everything that I wanted to convey, and so I did. Then it was done and, although I identified with it, I put it out of my mind for a little while to focus on work and some play. Although I’d tried to reactivate my blog, I kept putting off writing in it, and even though I wasn’t admitting it out loud, I knew that the largest part of the problem was that I’d stopped identifying with my domain name. – it served me well for a few years, and it used to be perfect to sum up what I was doing at the time I purchased, but it wasn’t “me” anymore in any way that really mattered. So I went ahead and purchased this domain, which is simply my name, and plotted to rebuild my blog and portfolio. And plotted. And kept on plotting because, honestly, who has the time to start a personal site in the middle of client work? But then I really didn’t want to be the shoemaker’s son, always going barefoot, and then twitter introduced timeline covers and I went and made myself one based on that same image I had created for the post. I thought it reflected who I am so perfectly that I made a matching twitter background and a matching facebook cover. And, just like that, the idea for the visual aspect of my site was formed. I needed to make it, needed to have it, and that need kept growing until it was too large to ignore. And so we’ve arrived here. Welcome to, where I’ll talk about anything and everything, but mostly about design. I hope you’ll like it – I hope you’ll come visit. If not, though, well, I was never accused of being sane, so talking to myself shouldn’t defraud anyone’s expectations of me anyway.


  1. Hi Monica
    I never knew your old home, but your new home… is stunning.
    I love the Minimum 2.0 theme and you have made it your own.

    “I’m prone to wax lyrical on subjects I’m passionate about”
    May you never stop waxing lyrical Monica and hope your new home brings you nothing but good luck..
    Keith Davis recently posted…Catalyst theme framework – Custom CSS BuilderMy Profile

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