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Nameless Pro – Free html5 Genesis child theme


Nameless Pro is a mobile responsive html5 Genesis Child Theme with a widgeted home page, 8 colour styles, 6 layout otptions, a landing page template, an archive page template, fixed with, custom header and threaded comments. … [Read More]

When life gets in the way

I was all set to post about WordCamp Europe today. The post is nearly ready, with me needing to chase down some links and add a few bits and pieces, and it was well on its way to being published. There's - obviously - an excited, happy tone all over … [Read More]

Speaking at WordCamp Europe 2013


Ever since going to WordCamp Lisboa last year I've been completely enamoured by what WordCamps represent - about all the free-flowing knowledge, the sharing of experiences and information, and the richness in mingling and networking that comes from … [Read More]

Nameless – Free Genesis Child Theme


This download is now disabled, because there's a brand new version of Nameless, now with html5, right here. … [Read More]

Best Friend & Family


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iPhone 5? No, thank you.


I should preface this post by saying that I consider myself to be both a geek and a bit of an Apple fangirl. It stands to reason that, when you put these two characteristics together, the iPhone 5 would have me - iPhone 4 owner - drooling from day … [Read More]

15th Wedding Anniversary, aka A Big Surprise


Last Friday, October 26th was my 15th wedding anniversary. We had managed to find willing victims babysitters, and so the plan was going out to dinner and then going to Templários to see Tiago playing with Pim Pam Pum. Dinner was great - I can't … [Read More]

David’s 6th Birthday


David turned 6 on October 6th and, since it was a Saturday, he got to spend the whole day with us. He had told us he wanted us to surprise him with his gift, and so we bought the cutest Djungarian hamster, only three weeks old, but we didn't tell him … [Read More]

Weekend 2/2: WordCamp Lisboa 2012

WordCamp Lisboa 2012

Saturday was WordCamp Lisboa day, and I was beyond excited because this was my very first WordCamp. At the last minute I'd managed to talk Vasco into tagging along (and by "talk him into" what I really mean is "found a friend willing to babysit so he … [Read More]

Weekend 1/2: David Fonseca @ Olga Cadaval

David Fonseca @ Olga Cadaval 2012

This last weekend was incredibly busy, incredibly exhausting and incredibly satisfying and fulfilling. It started with a David Fonseca concert in Olga Cadaval, on Friday, to kick off the promotion of the new album (or the second half of the new … [Read More]